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Model: Chicco
Very easy to wear, easy to fit, easy to use! This Chicco Baby Carrier fits so perfectly to your body in a way that it's almost like wearing a t-shirt. The ergonomically designed seat is aimed to assure the right position of baby's hip.It is easily convertible from parent-facing to forward facing in ..
Model: Gerber
Introduce your older baby to new tastes and textures with Gerber Lil' Bits Oatmeal Banana Strawberry baby cereal. It can be mixed to a spoon-hugging texture and the added textured pieces help babies learn to chew and mash. It has iron to help support learning ability - just 2 servings of baby cereal..
Model: Gerber
Our baby cereal has iron and other nutrients babies need for growth and development.- Iron: Helps support baby’s learning abilities. 2 servings a day = 90% of babies daily value for iron. That’s smart!- Vitamin C: The vitamin C in baby cereal aids in iron absorption.- Calcium: The strong-bones-and-t..
Model: Huggies
You are sensitive about your little one, which is only natural. They're so small, so pure, so gentle. And of course, you don't want anything harmful to touch their delicate skin. For that, you'll want a wipe as sensitive and caring as you are. Huggies® Pure Wipes, made with skin loving natural fibre..
Model: Kiss Kids
KissKids Baby Diapers - Midi Size 3 is made up of 4 parts: blue absorption layer, breathable back layer, S-CUT magic tapes, and macrocyclic waistband. The leak Lock System helps eliminate leaks for up to 12 hours of protection day or night. ..
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